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Thursday, December 3, 1992

December 3, 1992 - Contractors

It's started. For some time now, the library district has been shopping for architects and contractors, all the while honing the re-design of two of our libraries.

But at long last, the renovation work on the Philip S. Miller and Oakes Mill libraries has begun. At Philip S. Miller, we will soon be knocking down walls and moving our reference and technical departments to the east side of the building (formerly occupied by tenants). This will allow us to add more study space, establish a Local History Collection area, and provide more room for the processing of our ever-growing stream of new materials.

The next time you come to the Philip S. Miller Library you'll notice that a lot of our books have been shuffled around. Some new shelving crowds the central aisle -- and contains most of our reference collection. These shelves are "holding tanks" -- a place to stash materials while we set up their permanent location in the new wing.

We've also moved the beginning of the non-fiction section to get the books away from one of the walls that will be coming down. The new non-fiction, for the time being, has been interfiled with the older materials. But when we're all done, there will again be a spot for just the new stuff.

We're a little worried about dust. No, we're VERY worried about dust. So before the serious demolition starts, we will also be draping some areas of the bookstacks with huge plastic sheets. This will be something of a hassle, both for those of you trying to fetch some books, and those of us trying to file them back. We believe, however, that the plastic will only be necessary for a short time, and could save us a world of grief later.

Most of this ought to make sense to you once you see it. But if it doesn't, don't hesitate to ask. The last time I looked, all of our collection was still in there some place.

Our second project is the renovation of the Oakes Mill Library. Our chief goal is to finish the basement, thereby providing a greatly expanded area for public programs, meeting rooms, storage, and a booksale area for the Friends of the Library. We will also do some rearrangement of space upstairs, adding a small conference room and shelving for more children's materials.

The work was supposed to start on the outside of the building. We'll be putting in a short staircase where people tend to want to walk up on the grass, and laying a long ramp from the parking lot to the downstairs.

Of course, all that was before the famed "Blizzard of '92" -- which, speaking as someone raised near Chicago, was a real wimp of a storm, and I can't believe the media coverage. Nonetheless, it isn't easy to lay concrete when there's snow on the ground. We are now hoping for a stretch of good, dry, warm weather.

In the midst of all this excitement, I also wanted to let people know a little bit about the philosophy and procedures of the Douglas Public Library District.

First, for any position we are attempting to fill, or any service we are attempting to contract, we always look locally first. Watch the want ads and legal notices appearing in the Douglas County News Press. We also advertise in Denver papers.

Second, for those of you local businesspeople who think your services might be of interest to the Library District, but may have missed our advertisements in the past, I encourage you to send us a letter outlining the focus of your business, and providing a contact number. We will keep you on file, which may save both of us some time the next time we're shopping around.

Mail your letter to Cindy Murphy, Business Manager, Douglas Public Library District, 961 S. Plum Creek Blvd., Castle Rock CO 80104.

In the meantime, please excuse the mess and temporary inconvenience. But when we're done, I think you'll be pleased by the improvements in your libraries.

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