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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

July 16, 2003 - help save lonely librarians!

This week's column was written by Naioma Walberg, of our Parker Library. Not only is it charming, I means I get a week off! Enjoy. - Jamie

During the summer months things tend to get a bit quieter here at the library. As librarians, whose job it is to help people, it drives us down right crazy. So we are asking for your help in the campaign to save our sanity, because, quite frankly, librarians running amok in your community truly would not be a pretty sight. And you can help with just one visit to check out all the really awesome things here at your library and it will go a long way in saving us lonely librarians.

Getting ready to take a vacation? We can help with guidebooks, videos, web sites, maps, currency exchange rates, weather and even airport floor plans for anywhere you want to go in the world. Or if not in this world…we can give you contact information on companies booking reservations for outer space. And if you need a book on tape for the long trip, we have that too.

Staying home this summer? You may not know it but librarians know where the best fishing holes are, all the great scenic drives as well as the most amazing hiking and biking trails through out the state. But before you take off for a fun day outdoors, make it even better and check out some of the hundreds of guidebooks that offer identifying information on just about anything you want to explore from bugs to rocks. My dear I believe that is….

Did you know that librarians are purveyors of some of the finest concerts in the world? Beethoven, Bach and the Backstreet Boys, Dolly and the Dixie Chicks or a little jazz to sooth your soul are just part of the thousands of music CD choices available at your library. So grab your boom box, the most comfortable lounge chair and head all the way out to your backyard for an outdoor concert – every star filled night.

Pick a series any series for a nice lazy summer of good reads. From trilogies and tragedies of the ancient Greeks to Star Trek (enough volumes to fill any intergalactic library) series have been around for a long time. Stop by and we will be happy to get you started on a wonderful relationship with an interesting character.

Gourmet grilling, tiling a kitchen, gardening without water or climbing a fourteener – the library can help enhance the pleasure of all your summer activities. What ever your plans your first stop should be to see a friendly librarian who will help with all your information needs as well as be happy to fill your arms with a choice of good reads, great
music and movie or two.

And you will move the campaign to save the lonely librarians one step ahead.

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