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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

December 15, 2004 - holiday letter from the library

Dear Friends,

It seems like just yesterday when all our kids were small. They were so cute then! There were puppets on the carpet, and just a sprinkle of new children's books on the shelves. The little ones are so wide-eyed and eager to please.

And they're grateful for their one computer -- not like the older kids with their BANKS of PC's, network printers, and wireless connections. Time flies!

I'm so proud of our kids and their educational accomplishments. Parker, our oldest, has been showing up regularly at the Chaparral college campus. Parker has also shown a keen interest in culture -- really fitting in to the life of the town. But then, Parker always has been sensitive.

Hi, up in Highlands Ranch, says that his neighborhood is hopping! The long promised town center is finally blooming. And they've started work on a beautiful park right next door. The hot news with Hi is that one Mary Elizabeth has moved in, and is already running the show! (Pam was very committed to her company, and did take the transfer. But Hi is handling the change well.)

Tree (and some people will never forgive us for giving her this name!) is bustling around like anything. For her size, she's got some Big Ideas, and on a square foot basis, I have to say she's the busiest child we have. And so creative! But she's strong-willed. I do hope she won't wind up aLone.

Phil is still here in Castle Rock. Last year, I moved back in with him. Sometimes I think it can't be easy to have your old dad around all the time, but I'm proud of the way Phil has become an important member of the business community, just like his namesake, Mr. Miller.

Then there's Roxie. You probably know that she's been living out of a bus(!) for years now. Honestly, who is going to go see her when she doesn't even have an inside bathroom! Despite that, she seems to have lots of visitors, and they're all crazy about her. Speaking of the bus, she did have a fender bender earlier this year -- but I guess that's all part of growing up. Don't get me started about insurance! Now she's talking about getting a real place, sort of a loft apartment, next June, over the new Roxborough Safeway. It will have an elevator and bathrooms, which is a blessing.

But I hear the bus is sneaking out to Castle Pines North. I think she's seeing someone new over there!

Lou put a lot of time and money into remodeling last year, although he says the county did most of the work. Do visit the beautiful, restored Louviers Village Clubhouse. It's gorgeous.

Then, of course, there's Cherry, way out in southeastern Douglas County. She still hangs out at the little valley's school house, and does a surprisingly brisk business in getting books to the neighbors.

Well, that's the seasons' news about all the kids. Everybody is growing up, everybody is healthy, and life is good. Happy holidays!

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