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Wednesday, August 17, 1994

August 17, 1994 - historic trains

There's an old Paul Simon song with the chorus, "Everybody loves the sound / of a train in the distance. / Everybody thinks it's true."

Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time walking along train tracks, listening to train whistles, riding, and even (when I was younger and even more foolish) hopping on trains, I know just what he means.

The train -- hurtling through tunnels, chugging around bends, chuffing into stations, then leaving it all behind in a heady blast of steam and roar -- is the very engine of our dreams, the enduring symbol of the romanticized past.

It happens that the railroads have had a lot to do with the history of Castle Rock. To find out more about the two of them, you should plan to attend the Castle Rock Historical Society's 1994 Castle Rock Historic Day.

On Saturday, August 20 (beginning in front of the Douglas County building at 9 a.m., and lasting till 4 p.m.) several activities are lined up, including:

* At 2 o'clock, the Castle Rock Historical Society will present an historic landmark plaque to the former Denver & Rio Grande railroad depot, situated at 420 Elbert Street. This will also mark the building's inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

* A model railroad exhibit will be featured in the Masonic Building.

* There will be tours of a Santa Fe Railroad car.

* You'll have a chance to munch down at one of the food booths, or the Fred Harvey Style Restaurant in the Old Stone Church patio.

* You can take a walking tour of historic downtown buildings. You'll even get to see the magnificent quilt now on display at the Castle Rock Town Hall.

* You can ride on a carriage.

* You can see a live demonstration of spinning.

* You can enjoy the music of strolling folk singers.

* You can buy tickets for an oil painting of the D&RG Depot by noted local artist, Mary Cornish.

The organizers of the event have planned the day as a family event, appealing to all ages. You can come downtown, park, and enjoy the rest of the day on foot.

The purpose of the event (besides bringing families together to explore the history of Douglas County's county-seat) is to raise funds to acquire the old depot building and dedicate it to the Castle Rock and Douglas County community as a local museum and meeting center.

Beyond all the above, souvenirs will be available, including an Engineer's Cap.

And while you're downtown, look for the Douglas Public Library District's display from our Local History Collection. You'll see old photos of railroad and Castle Rock, accompanied by "companion prints" of the same scenes today. We'll also have various other materials available, including notecards featuring scenes from historic Douglas County. Johanna Harden, Conservation Specialist for the library, urges people to come down to the library after the 20th for a closer look at our treasures. She says, "Think of the DPLD as the Reading Depot. We are just east of the old D&RG Tracks (now the Southern Pacific RR). Catch a ride on the Reading Railroad!"

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